Most mid-size and small businesses do not leverage the power and potential of their brand.
We at Missing Piece coach inspire and guide them and their teams to create a brilliant brand vision,
and ideas to turn this into real business growth.

Our approach is simple or should we say simply brand-led: using the brand to drive everything,
not just the ‘outer packaging’ of design and communication.
Great brands can usually answer the question "Who are you" in just one
powerful word. Through a carefully defined interactive brand coaching
process, we work together with you to answer the question "who are you?"
so your company can tell a simple, compelling story to both your existing and potential clients.

The process is tailor made for you and your business and can include a
360-degree evaluation that includes conversations with employees,
customers and business partners.

The strategies we develop through our Brand Building Module are distinctively unique to you and your product. We could work them up together in your office or even better you could let us organize an exclusive
'brand brainstorm' away day for you and your employees.
Once we've done this work, you will have the right message for your business.
You will use your unique and tailored Brand Building Module in everything you say and do - resulting in more focus for your business, more effective sales and marketing, and a more aligned and focused team.
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