Missing Piece LLC is a life style management solutions company established in the fall of 2008.

Our concept like our approach is simple, concise and jargon free...
"We know brands, we know people". Here at Missing Piece we strive in bringing forth that same clarity to our clients in understanding both themselves and their brands.

We coach our corporate and individual clients into finding their own unique selling proposition. The journey may not always be easy at first, as in order to find out what makes us unique we must first get the clarity and understanding of whom we are.

Although brands may have managed to grasp and implement the concept of the 'unique selling proposition' sooner than individuals the majority of them (and we have worked with a few of the top players) still fail to achieve that which is uniquely own able to them, that 'Missing Piece' towards success.

At Missing Piece because we believe that the journey is as important as the destination, we sure make it fun and interactive. Our services include brand coaching, life coaching and voice dialogue.

We constantly aim here at Missing Piece to provide our clients with all that's new and effective in life style management solutions either through our in house services or through some of our top affiliates, so kindly send us your email if you would like us to keep you up to date.

Alternatively should you wish to enquire about any of our services or to book yourself a free consultation please email us on info@missingpiecellc.com.
Voice Dialogue refers to the technique
and theoretical structure created by
American psychologists, teachers and
authors Dr Hal Stone and Dr Sidra Stone,
which allows us to experience the many
selves or energy patterns of our psyche.
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